Construction on the I-25/University Project is scheduled to begin on January 2, 2020, and be completed in summer 2021. As planned, the project will be constructed in six phases. Anticipated construction activities and traffic impacts are listed below.  All dates and construction activities are weather permitting and are subject to change without notice. Some phases will overlap.

Our objectives are to:

  • Keep two lanes of I-25 open in each direction to the extent possible, although there will be some nighttime closures for activities such as bridge demolition, bridge work and overhead sign structure installation
  • When we do have a closure, notify everyone well in advance and establish detours


Phase 1 – January-April 2020


  • Build inside (left) shoulder of southbound I-25 lanes.
  • Build retaining walls between southbound I-25 off-ramp and Triviz Drive
  • Extend concrete box culvert (drainage structure) between Wells Street and Stewart Street
  • Build Ramp C (new southbound I-25 on-ramp) from Wells Street to just south of University Avenue
  • Begin building Ramp A (new southbound I-25 off-ramp)
  • Build detour pavement from Ramp C and Ramp A to University Avenue
  • Build a portion of Ramp G (I-25 northbound on-ramp) and northwest corner of Don Roser Drive and University Avenue
  • Build Phase 1 of replacement bridge on University north of existing bridge


Traffic Impacts

  • For about two weeks, southbound I-25 will be reduced to one lane.
  • The I-25 northbound loop ramp will be closed.
  • All other lanes on I-25 will be open, except dual left turn or right turn lanes
  • Sidewalks will be closed on one side of I-25 and pedestrians will be detoured to the other side


Phase 2 – April-May 2020


  • Install shoring (sheet piling at the Pan American Bridge)
  • Rebuild retaining walls
  • Build Ramp A detour to University Avenue
  • Build Ramp A
  • Build Ramp C detour
  • Build Ramp C


Traffic Impacts

  • All lanes of I-25 will be open
  • One of the two I-25 southbound on-ramps from University Avenue will be closed


Phase 3 – May-September 2020


  • Build detour pavement from Triviz Drive to new Ramp D
  • Build southbound on-Ramp D
  • Build southbound off-Ramp B
  • Build retaining walls
  • Build Phase 1 of Pan American bridge
  • Build a portion of University Avenue


Traffic Impacts

  • Two southbound I-25 on-ramps from eastbound University Avenue will be closed to traffic, with traffic shifted to the new Ramp C
  • I-25 southbound off-ramp traffic will shift to the new Ramp A


Phase 4A & 4B – September-November 2020

NOTE: Some construction will take place 7 days a week, 24 hours a week during this phase.

4A Construction

  • Build southbound off-ramp A
  • Close I-25 southbound off-ramp A (detour provided)
  • Open I-25 southbound off-ramp A
  • Build a portion of University Avenue


4A Traffic Impacts

  • Southbound I-25 off-ramp will be closed for about 14 days, with traffic detoured to I-10/University Exit
  • I-25 southbound on-ramp traffic will remain in same configuration as Phase 3
  • Ramp D will be closed
  • Southbound I-25 on-ramps will be closed with traffic shifted to new Ramp C


4B Construction

  • Build retaining walls
  • Build Ramp C to new University Avenue


4B Traffic Impacts

  • University traffic will be on a new portion of University Avenue
  • Traffic will be on new Phase 1 Pan American Bridge and I-25 Bridge
  • Southbound on-Ramp D will be open
  • Southbound on-Ramp C will be closed
  • I-25 southbound off-ramp will be open


Phase 4C – November 2020-April 2021

4C Construction

  • Build Phase 2 of Pan American Bridge
  • Build Phase 2 of I-25 Bridge
  • Build a portion of University Avenue
  • Build southbound off-Ramp B
  • Build Triviz Drive south to south roundabout
  • Build Triviz Drive west from south roundabout
  • Build Triviz Drive west to north roundabout
  • Build Triviz Drive south roundabout to north roundabout
  • Build Triviz Drive north from north roundabout to end of project
  • Build Choice Hotels parking lot and driveway
  • Build northbound I-25 on-Ramp E
  • Build Triviz Drive west from University Avenue

Traffic Impacts

  • Southbound Triviz Drive traffic from University will be closed (detour will be provided)
  • Northbound Triviz Drive traffic from Wells Street will be closed
  • Northbound and southbound Triviz Drive traffic will be detoured along Arrowhead Drive and Stewart Street
  • Southbound Triviz Drive traffic from Missouri will be closed
  • Business access will be provided


Phase 5 – April 2021


  • Build remainder of Ramp G
  • Build northeastern corner of Don Roser Drive and University Avenue


Traffic Impacts

  • All University traffic will be shifted to the new configuration


Phase 6 – April-May 2021


  • Build medians on Triviz Drive and University Avenue



  • Traffic will remain in existing lanes – no impacts expected


Phase 7 – February-Summer 2021


  • Build final pavement on University and I-25
  • Install erosion control (riprap, irrigation system and seeding)
  • Install rumble strips
  • Paint all structures
  • Permanent signing and roadway striping



  • Intermittent short-term traffic impacts will be announced in advance

 NOTE: Overnight closure of I-25 will be required for bridge construction, overhead sign construction and median removal. Removal of medians on University will also require nighttime lane closures. Detours will be provided and these closures will be announced in advance.