In 2010, Gannett Fleming West did a corridor study for the I-25 interchange at University Avenue which proposed a phased approach to construction.

Since 2012:

  • The loop ramp was reinstalled
  • The acceleration and deceleration lanes were extended on southbound I-25
  • A third lane was added on I-25 between University Avenue and Lohman Avenue

Due to changes at New Mexico State University (NMSU) since 2012, the recommended alternative for continuing this project needed to be re-examined. The original proposal did not allow for access along Triviz Drive into the parking lots for the Pan American Center to handle traffic for special events. The project was updated and alternatives were analyzed. The proposed alternative selected and approved will now provide a direct connection from I-25 southbound into NMSU’s parking lots for Pan Am Center via a Triviz underpass under University Avenue as well as provide access to I-25 southbound from Triviz.

Project Limits

The project limits include the I-25/University Avenue Interchange and immediate surrounding roadways in Las Cruces.

Project Improvements

  • New University Bridge over I-25 to accommodate growth
  • Triviz Drive underpass under University Avenue connecting North Triviz to South Triviz
  • Continuation of the multi-use Triviz Trail to the new NMSU trail system
  • New exit ramp from southbound I-25 directly to NMSU beneath University Avenue
  • Better local traffic flow through roundabouts merging traffic on both sides of the University/Triviz underpass
  • New entrance ramp from NMSU to southbound I-25
  • Roadway improvements to University Avenue from Triviz to Las Alturas to accommodate pedestrians and bicycles

Project Aesthetics

Since the I-25/University Interchange serves as a gateway into the community and NMSU, it was important to incorporate artwork that reflects our region, culture and history. Local artist Collette Marie was chosen through a competitive process to create a look and feel that would make the project unique and memorable. She explained she chose an Earth and Seed theme to reflect growth and learning in the academic world as well as provide a reference to the area’s agricultural roots. She chose larger-than-life plants and animals to create an immersive art experience that would bring rural elements to our rural landscape. Among animals portrayed are the New Mexico Whiptail Lizard (our state’s reptile) and the song sparrow.  Among plants shown are the ocotillo and the agave as well as agricultural crops including onions, pecans and cotton. Some of the stunning designs that travelers will see when the project is completed are included below.


This project is committed to sustainability and is seeking the Envision Gold Rating for sustainability in an infrastructure project.  Our commitments around sustainability include:

  • Material Resources and allocations – recycling demolition materials for use in backfill and construction of MSE (Mechanically Stabilized Earth) retaining walls.
  • Energy efficiency – We will use high-efficiency LED lighting and work to reduce light scatter.
  • Multi-modal enhancement – Currently the City of Las Cruces Triviz Trail dead ends at University Avenue. This project will carry trail facilities under University Avenue and connect to the New Mexico State University Sisbarro Trail just north of the football stadium. Also, the project will enhance the Roadrunner Transit stop at University across from the Pan Am Center as well as the Aggie Transit Stop at the Pan Am Center to allow them to become more interconnected transportation hubs. In addition, 6-foot sidewalks will be added on both the north and south sides of University Avenue, and dedicated bike lanes will be added in the east and west directions with buffers to separate cyclists from vehicular traffic.