Welcome to the website for the I-25 University Project.

Construction began in January 2020 and is expected to last through Summer 2021.

The project is designed to provide the following benefits:

  • Add capacity to the I-25 southbound off-ramp at University
  • Reduce congestion and weaving
  • Provide direct connections to the Pan American Center parking lots
  • Build two roundabouts for free flow of traffic
  • Promote sustainability through recycling and use of energy-efficient materials
  • Encourage multi-modal transportation for bicyclists and pedestrians

Experience driving through the interchange before it’s done! Check out the simulations below:

I-25 South to University Ave

I-25 South to Pan American

North Pan American to I-25 South

Triviz Dr South to Pan American

Virtual Public Meeting

Thank you for joining us for our September virtual public meeting.

If you missed the meeting live, you can view it below.